*** Please note - sadly we can't accept auction items from this point any more because our administration servants are now away until the day the auction ends!***
(UK Time as the blog administrators are UK doggies!)

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We need YOU - how YOU can HELP!

How can you be a part of Blueberry's Christmas action?

Getting involved in Blueberry's Christmas auction couldn't be easier! There are 3 ways that you can help:-

1 - Provide an item to be auctioned! Remember the great GABE event earlier this year? Blueberry's auction will work along the same principles, except instead of generous doggies giving great gifts away for free you will auction them via this page. Please send information (photo, narrative and starting bid price please) to us at 'schnauzerandschnauzerATgooglemailDOTcom as soon as you are able to give us time to post the items here!

2 - Bid on an item!! We're hoping that by 4th December that Blueberry's auction will include a wide range of items so there'll be something for everyone! Why not surprise someone and order them a surprise gift? Why go to the shops when you can get some great items here?!

3 - Advertise Bueberry's auction on your blog! Please help us get the word out about Blueberry's auction by telling everyone about it on your blog! The more people who know about the auction the more items we'll get to auction; the more items we get to auction the more green papers we'll get for Blueberry!  Please feel free to publish the button below (designed by the wonderful Richie and Ronnii) and link to the auction page.


Thanks everyone - let's see what the 'power of the paw' can achieve!